International dog trainer school

With special emphasis on behaviour
and problem solving


Level 1-4

NDTS – Level 1

20 weeks online

Introduction to dog behaviour, dog language and problem solving.

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NDTS – Level 2

Four weekends

Basic dog training with positive methods.

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NDTS – Level 3

Five months

Advanced dog training and instruction methods.

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NDTS – Level 4

extensive individual study

Advanced behaviour and problem solving.

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Is this education right for me?


Do you want to become a professional dog trainer and specialise in the field of behaviour and a dog language?


Do you want to work part-time or full-time training dogs and owners, and also offer private consultations as a behaviour specialist?


Are you already working as a dog trainer and want to specialise and acquire more science-based knowledge?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this education might be the right one for you!

Information about the courses

This high quality education will give you excellent theoretical knowledge and practical skills in dog training and dog behaviour.

Upon completion, you will be able to start your own dog training business or apply for work with other schools. You may apply for the Nordic Education Centre for Dog Trainers mentor and teachers program.

We teach only reward-based methods based on the latest scientific research.

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Dog behaviour: the silent language of dogs, body language, communication, dog development and ethology, history, puppies, adolescent dogs, mature dogs, social development, critical periods, hormonal influences, breed characteristics, problem solving, stress, fear, aggression, health and nutrition.

Learning theory: positive training methods, desensitisation, motivation, comparisons of dog learning to human learning, classical and operant conditioning, positive reinforcement.

Practical training: problem solving, observation, positive training methods teaching basic obedience, and more challenging tasks such as desensitisation for stressed dogs and dog-to-dog aggression.

The dog trainer: how to design your courses, counsel individuals and motivate owners, instruction and observation techniques, building confidence as a public speaker, and pedagogy for humans.

The courses are taught in English, and all reading materials and assignments will also be in English.

Price and payment

Prices (from 2023):

Level 1: 540 €/570 US$

Level 2: 570 €/600 US$

Level 3: 950 €/1000 US$

Level 4: 1250 €/1345 US$

Optional 5-day practical in Norway:
575 €/605 US$

A non-refundable deposit of 100 Euro is payable upon registration.

Payment in instalments is available subject to a small additional charge.

For payment plan see registration form.

The price includes all teaching, support and access to our online teaching platform.

Books, travel and board are not included.


What Our Students Say

The Level 1 course at the Nordic Education Centre for Dog Trainers has been a real eye-opener for me! This is exactly how I think we must see, treat and train our dogs. The dog’s well-being is central and of the utmost priority.

Stella van Tongeren

The Netherlands

I enrolled for Level 1, knowing the teachings originate from Turid Rugaas’ life work. My expectations have been met. I was able to get a better connection with a pair of foster dogs I only had for a total of three months. Excited to dive deeper and continue through the levels!

Aylin Schiefer