professional dog trainer certificate

Advanced dog training and instruction methods

who is it for?

This course is perfect if you want to work  part-time or full-time as a dog trainer.

This course is open to anyone who has completed level 1 and level 2.

Online, with optional in-person practical training in Norway

Jonas Christensen
Stephanie Rousseau
Lyubov Elupova
Elena Kichinskaia

Lectures by:
Julia Robertson
Turid Rugaas
Lisbeth Borg de Waard
Jonas Christensen

Language: English

Upon completion you will be awarded our Professional Dog Trainer Certificate, issued by Nordic Education Centre for Dog Trainers.

Learning objectives

  • Teaching owners and training dogs in group lessons and individual lessons
  • Good communication and how to teach people (pedagogy)
  • Planning and implementing group classes and individual lessons (didactics)
  • Good understanding of dog language and observation skills
  • Understanding dog behaviour to be able to facilitate training for dogs with individual needs based on fear, anxiety and aggression
  • Good understanding of the individual needs of dog and owner

how does it work?

Duration: 6 months (23 weeks)

Four online weekend practical group and individual work seminars.

One optional five-day practical seminar in Norway.

The practical seminar in Norway can be done within two years of starting Level 3. After attending the practical seminar you will be awarded an advanced certificate.

For the practical classes, students are not required to bring their own dogs as we will be working with other dog owners and their dogs.

Dates for Fall 2023:

Online seminars:

8th of August 19.00 CET
2nd and 3rd of September
30th of September and 1st of October
28th and 29th of October
2nd of November – 21st of December:
8 Thursday evenings 19.00 – 21.00 CET
In addition to group meetings at times you decide with your group.

All online meetings and seminars will be recorded.

17th – 21st of June: 5-day practicals in Norway (NOT mandatory)
Price: 575 Euro including lunch (get 10 % off if you register at the same time you register for level 3).


This course includes practical assessement and you are required to read the following books:

Robertson, Julia (2022) How to Build a Puppy… Into a Healthy Adult Dog, CRC Press

Burch., Mary R (1999) How Dogs Learn, Howell Books

Final booklist will be available the 8th of August 2023.