LEVEL 3 Ethical

DOG TRAINER Certificate

who is it for?

This course is ideal for individuals seeking to take their dog training skills to the next level by learning how to train other people’s dogs. It also opens up the possibility of pursuing a career working with dogs.

This course is open to anyone who has completed level 1 and level 2.

Online, with optional in-person practical training in Norway (higly recommended!)

Stephanie Rousseau
Lisbeth Borg de Waard

Lectures by:
Julia Robertson
Turid Rugaas
Lisbeth Borg de Waard
Lisa Dickel

Language: English

Upon completion, you will be awarded (level 3) Ethical Dog Trainer Certificate, certified by Nordic Education Centre for Ethical Dog Training.

Learning objectives

  • Practical training skills working with dogs other than your own (see PDF file for detailed description)
  • Good understanding of dog language and observation skills
  • Demonstrated ability to notice and understand abnormal behaviour and to refer clients to other professionals such as veterinarian or therapist for further evaluation, and then to decide if it is appropriate to continue attending group lessons or not
  • Good understanding of desensitisation as a training method
  • Show ability to research and understand information from several sources for any dog breed
  • Basic understanding of how adults (humans) learns
  • Planning group classes and individual lessons based on the didactic relations model
  • Understanding dog behaviour to be able to facilitate training for dogs with individual needs based on fear, anxiety and aggression
  • Be able to understand the individual needs of dog and owner

how does it work?

Duration: 5 months

11 online Zoom meetings with Q&A and practising observation, evaluation and feedback.

All pre-recorded lessons available in the course platform upon the start of the course.

6 practical assignments: films of you training dogs other than your own.

2 practical final assignments: films of you training dogs, other than your own, and a reflection of your own training.

Optional in-person training seminar in Norway
After attending the practical seminar, you will be awarded an advanced certificate.

Practical seminars in Norway are offered once every year in our venue outside Oslo.

Upcoming dates:
22nd- 26th of June 2024

Dates for spring 2024:

Online Zoom meetings:

Every other Tuesday from 19.00 – approx. 21.00 CET
23rd of January
6th and 20th of February
5th and 19th of March
2nd, 16th and 30th of April
14th and 28th of May
11th of June

All online meetings and seminars will be recorded.

Please note that the live online sessions are not mandatory to attend live. However, it is mandatory to watch the recordings if you are unable to attend during the live meetings. We highly recommend you attending all meetings during the live.


Course litterature

Mandatory reading:

Robertson, Julia (2022) How to Build a Puppy… Into a Healthy Adult Dog, CRC Press

Rousseau, S. and Rugaas. T. (2022) How to Raise a Puppy: A Dog-centric Apporach, CRC Publishing

Rugaas, Turid (2008) Barking – the sound of a language, Dogwise Publishing

Rugaas, Turid (2005) What do I do when my dog pulls, Direct Book Service

Recommended reading:

Loades, M. (2020) Dogs: Working Origins and Traditional Tasks

Van-Fleet, R (2013). The human half of dog training. Wenatchee WA:Dogwise. (Mandatory level 4) 

Ryan, T. (2008) Coaching people to train their dogs

Wilde, N. (2023) One on One: A Dog Trainer’s Guide to Private Lessons, 2nd edition. Phantom Publishing

Wilde, N. (2018) So you want to be a dog trainer, 3rd edition. Phantom Publishing

Please note minor changes can be made before the start of the course.