Basic dog training with positive methods.

who is it for?

This course is perfect if you want to apply the theory from level 1 into practical learning. It’s for you who:


  • are a dog owner who wants to learn about your own dog and solve problem behaviour
  • already are working with dogs (instructor, breeder, vet. assistant, groomer, dog walker) and want to learn more about positive dog training, problem solving and dog language
  • want to be come a part-time of full-time dog trainer and behavourist

subjects and practical training

  • Basic practical observation skills of dog language
  • Basic understanding of facilitating activities based on the individual dogs needs and behaviour
  • Basic understanding of facilitating socialization and training for fearful and aggressive dogs
  • Basic understanding for practical learning principles using desenzitation
  • Basic understanding and training of stress reducing activities

how does it work?

Practical training with your own dog 

Level 2 is divided into 2 parts: basic and advanced course. Upon successful completion a course certificate will be awarded for each level.

If you want to complete the Diploma, you need both level 2A and 2B.

Both courses are two weekend seminars (4 full days) each.

If you don’t have your own dog, you can do the exercises with a dog from a family member or a friend.


Lisbeth Borg de Waard
Anne Lill Kvam
Elena Kichinskaia
Tanya Vishniakova

Each level is 2 weekend seminars (4 days) practical training with your own dog.

You will get exercises to complete in, or nearby your home and you get individual support and feedback from the teachers.

Level 2A Basic course
Practical exercises:

  • observation of your dog and your own body language
  • attention sound and walk nice on leash
Level 2B Advanced course
Basic skills and problem solving:
  • passing other dogs/humans/objects when walking your dog
  • re-call
  • environmental training and socialization skills

Language: English

Upon completion you will be awarded a certificate.

This course is practical training only. There are no required reading or hand in written homework for this course.


SPRING 2022:

Level 2B – ONLINE
12th and 13th of March
2nd and 3rd of April

Level 2A – ONLINE
2nd and 3rd of April
23rd and 24th of April

Level 2B – ONLINE
14th and 15th of May
4th and 5th of June

For optimized learning outcome we recommend to do level 2 in parallel with level 1.

I’d like to say thank you for such an interesting and useful course!
I don’t know you did it but  you created an amazing combination of useful information, practical work and deep understanding the nuances of dog’s reactions — and all of this in a friendly and positive atmosphere!
 It was pure enjoyment to  study in such a great international team of dog-lovers and the only thing I’m sorry for that it came to an end, so im looking for the level 3 and level 4
Elena Belaya


I want to thank all of you for such a great lifechanging experience! I think studying in your school has been one of my life’s best choice.
Somebody asked me what is the most important thing I studied at level 1? At first it was hard to answer, because every lesson was so valuable for me! Then I sayd: “ You can be just a dog owner or owner of a happy dog! To have a happy dog, a big job also has to be done not just listening the lessons. But life with a happy dog is worth all of that!
The weekends I was attending in level 2 were the most interesting, funny, challenging days with best company. Very very huge thanks to Tanya & Elena for such a warm, helpful and wise company in our journey!
I really hope to see you all at level 3, I wish my dream will come true!
Triin Merisalu