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Nordic Education Centre for Dog Trainers offers dog trainer and behaviourist education and various courses in Norway and Estonia and online.

High quality education that will give you excellent practical and theoretical skills of dog training and dog behaviour.

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Principal for the International Dog Trainer School and founder of Nordic Education Centre for Dog Trainers. 18 years experience with problem solving and problem behaviour in dogs. Sertified dog trainer from the world famous international dog trainer Turid Rugaas. Former college-university teacher in Norway.
Chair of PDTE (Pet Dog Trainers of Europe).

Lisbeth Borg de Waard

Owner and manager, Nordic Education Centre for Dog Trainers / Innlandet Hundesenter

Anne Lill Kvam’s passion has been training dogs for search and rescue sinde 1986.

Student of Turid Rugaas’s school, she has worked as a full time instructor since 1996. From 1997 to 2000 she worked in Angola for the “Norwegian Peoples Aid” organization for the clearing of anti-man mines.

Anne Lill has her own dog training school in Norway, China and Taiwan and is a highly sought after international speaker in the fields of scent discrimination, behaviour and problem solving.

Anne Lill Kvam

Sertified dog trainer and nosework specialist

Developing courses for the Norwegian army, police and paramedics in addition to teaching at the Norwegian dog trainer education.
Specialises in pedagogy, instruction methods, course quality and first aid for humans and for dogs.

Jonas Christiensen, Norway/Denmark

Experienced course instructor and paramedic

Special guest lecturer:
Turid Rugaas
 is a Norwegian author and dog trainer. In 1992 she started educating other dog trainers and giving seminars. Since then she has conducted workshops in 12 different countries with students from 24 countries.

Turid has published several books and DVDs including the popular best seller On Talking Terms with Dogs. She has identified some 30 calming signals to explain the communication of dogs, that have since helped many dog trainers, behaviourists and ethologists understand dog language.

On 27th Nov, 2017, Rugaas was awarded the King’s Badge of Honour, by the Norwegian King, HM Harald V|I for her contributions over the last 40 years in the field of canine behaviour.

Rugaas has been focusing on developing new methods and natural methods of training to solve behavioural problems. These activities includes:

  • nosework and activities activating the celebral cortex via the dogs natural curiosity
  • using the dogs natural social skills to develop in neural networks
  • focusing on understanding dog communication

Rugaas has observed and documented several signals that the dogs use in their communications, thus being the “founder” of the expression calming signals.

Turid Rugaas, Norway

Author of several books including the world famous "On talking terms with dogs".


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