LEVEL 1 ONLINE foundation course

introduction to dog behaviour,
dog language and problem solving.



who is it for?

This introductory course is open to anyone with an interest in dog behaviour.

In particular, this course is suitable for those who:

  • Have a strong desire to work with dogs, or
  • Are currently working with dogs and wish to update and/or enhance their skills and dog training methods

You do not need to have your own dog to attend the course.

Duration: 20 weeks

Location: online (no travel required)


– Lisbeth Borg de Waard
– Turid Rugaas (author of “On Talking Terms With Dogs”)
– Dr. Amber Batson
– Anne Lill Kvam
– Elena Kichinskaia
– Luybov Elupova
– Lisa Dickel
– Stephanie Rousseau 

Language: English

Upon completion you will be awarded a certificate.


  • Dog language: calming signals, aggressive/distance-increasing signals and barking
  • Natural dog behaviour and instincts
  • Back to basics and history
  • Canine communication and our body language
  • Aggression, fear and anxiety in dogs
  • Definition of Nordic Ethical Dog Training
  • Stress in dogs
  • Problem solving
  • Walking nicely on leash and the use of harness
  • The puppy, the young dog and the senior dog
  • Health: pain in relation to behaviour
  • Nosework, mental activities and enriched environments
  • Learning theory
  • Social walks, physical excersise and gaits
  • Desensitisation as a training method

how does it work?

This is an online course with 100% home-based study.

Approximately 23 hours of pre-recorded lessons are available to you 24/7 on our online course platform.

On alternate Mondays, a new subject will be introduced and you will be given a voluntary practical homework assignment, or there will be a live Q&A session.

Recordings of all Q&As are also available on our course platform.

In order to receive your certificate you need to watch all lectures, complete two practical observation tasks and read the following two books:

Rugaas, Turid (2005). On Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals. Dogwise Publishing

Eaton, Barry (2010). Dominance in Dogs: Fact or Fiction? Dogwise Publishing

Nordic dog trainer prize for level 1

Terms and Conditions

Written cancellations (email is acceptable) received more than one week before the start of the course will be entitled to a 50% refund.

No refund will be made for cancellations less than one week before the start of the course.

The course fee includes all teaching sessions, Q&As, support and entry to the student online classroom platform.

Payment Options

We offer payments in two or three instalments (see registration link for details).

Please note that instalment payments will automatically be charged to the same card you used when making your initial payment at the time of registration. It is your responsibility to have sufficient funds available in your account.

If we do not receive the payment you will not be able to continue the course.

Your payment will be safely handled by Stripe.

This is what our students say

The level 1 course at the Nordic Education Centre for Dog Trainers has been a real eye-opener for me!

This is exactly how I think we must see, treat and train our dogs.

The dog’s well-being is central and of the utmost priority.

I have learned so far to see a dog as an individual, with his own needs and wants, and how we can influence the quality of a dog’s life by making some adjustments, to have a happier, healthy dog, to be a perfect and loving companion.

Stella van Tongeren

The Netherlands

I always had this deep impression that I had a gift for communicating with dogs … This training allowed me to understand why and to go even further.

Level 1 of the Nordic Education for Dog Trainers allows you to see the relationships between dogs and between humans and dogs in a new light.

A non-anthropocentric prism of view, respectful and a source of intense joy. I recommend it for those who love dogs deeply. A door that leads you to another world … and from which we do not want to return.

Sophie C


I enrolled for Level 1, knowing the teachings originate from Turid Rugaas’ life work. I have always felt the lack in connection between me and dogs (or 20 years of experience with horses).

My expectations have been met. I was able to get a better connection with a pair of foster dogs I only had for a total of three months. Excited to dive deeper and continue through the levels!

Aylin Schiefer