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To help you develop your dog training skills and broaden your knowledge about behavior and problem solving, we have some free resources for you!

Free lecture by Turid Rugaas: Back to basic

Get immediate access to her lecture about dog training and great advice on how to solve various problem behaviours.

A unique chance to get a free lecture by the world famous author and dog trainer Turid Rugaas!

Sign up and get a free 50 min. lecture
with GREAT practical recommendations
on how you can:

– have stress free walks with your dog
– no more pulling on leash

20 min free online webinar: Introduction to the calming signals of dogs

50 + free Facebook live lectures about dog training and behaviour

Free online course: 5 lectures about canine language

15 free lectures: Back to basic

Tips and inspiration for you who want to work with dogs

Free lectures: how to get the best walks with your dog

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