practical training

Advanced behavior and problem solving

who is it for?

This course is perfect if you want to work full time or part time with behaviour and problem solving.

Upon completion you will be a awarded Nordic Education Centre for Dog Trainers DOG TRAINER AND BEHAVIOUR SPECIALIST DIPLOMA.

After completing the education we offer further hands-on help in our uniqe online membership group: Dog Pro Entrepreneur to help you start up and run your own successful business.

As we are expanding internationally, we’re also always looking for new level 1 and level 2 teachers, which postitions we offer only to those that has finished our Diploma.

subjects and practical training:

  • Hands-on pracical training
  • Field studies/consultation reports
  • Very good understanding of dog langugage and observation skills
  • Extensive understanding of behaviour related to fear, anxiety and aggression
  • Extensive understanding of facilitating activities for dogs with basic problem behaviour
  • Advanced training and problem behavoiur
  • Dog advocacy and ethics
  • Advanced instruction methods

Students do not bring their own dogs to the practical in-person seminars.

how does it work?

2 x 5 day intensive in-person seminars in Norway.

In between the in-person seminars there is 8 full days online seminars in addition to self study and 12 hand-in consultation reports.

This course requires enhanced pracical assessements and extensive self-study for a final project presentation.

Dates in-person seminars 2021/22:

5 full days
1. 24th of November – 28th of November 2021
2. 22nd of June – 26nd of June 2022

Upon sucessful completion you will be awarded Nordic Education Centre for Dog Trainers DIPLOMA.

Students do not bring their own dogs to the practical in-person seminars.


7 months

Lisbeth Borg de Waard
Dr. Amber Batson
Turid Rugaas
Jonas Christensen
Anne Lill Kvam

Language: English