practical training

Advanced behavior and problem solving

who is it for?

This course is perfect if you want to work as a dog behavior consultant part-time or full-time.

Upon completion you will be a certified dog trainer and behavourist by Nordic Education Centre for Dog Trainers and awarded our DIPLOMA.

Successful candidates can apply for our internship to become a country representative in your own country for Nordic Education Centre for Dog Trainers, and/or teach our level 2 and 3 courses.

subjects and practical training:

  • Hands-on pracical training
  • Field studies/consultation reports
  • Very good understanding of dog langugage and observation skills
  • Extensive understanding of behaviour related to fear, anxiety and aggression
  • Extensive understanding of facilitating activities for dogs with basic problem behaviour
  • Advanced training and problem behavoiur
  • Dog advocacy and ethics
  • Advanced instruction methods

Students do not bring their own dogs to the practical in-person seminars.

how does it work?

2 x 5 day intensive in-person seminars in Norway.

In between the in-person seminars there is 8 full days online seminars in addition to self study and 12 hand-in consultation reports.

This course requires enhanced pracical assessements and extensive self-study for a final project presentation.

Dates in-person seminars 2021/22:

5 full days
1. 24th of November – 28th of November 2021
2. 22nd of June – 26nd of June 2022

Upon sucessful completion you will be awarded Nordic Education Centre for Dog Trainers DIPLOMA.

Students do not bring their own dogs to the practical in-person seminars.



7 months

Lisbeth Borg de Waard
Dr. Amber Batson
Turid Rugaas
Jonas Christensen
Anne Lill Kvam

Language: English